Folkestone for an artist is full of opportunity and inspiration: went to a life drawing session last night, one of several that are held frequently here. Painting has really taken over for me lately, from drawing, as I have realised that I really love colour and am not normally too interested in conveying anything without it! Since this realisation, I have become far more prolific. Plus starting to use watercolour has been a real boon, as my little colour box is so easy to carry around!  Brilliant!

Taken in Venice, April 2015.

My watercolour paintings of scenes are always carried out on the spot from life, as the French Impressionists called, en plein air. I love the immediacy and freshness this gives. I do not work from photographs, as I find them relatively flat, lacking atmosphere and subtlety. I love the way light and colours change as I observe the scene, forcing you to look, and look again and again. I hope you enjoy my attempts at capturing some of the beauty around us.

This is a brand new site (4th May 2015) and a work in progress, so lots more to come and there will be regular updates. Come back and look around :-)

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