Study from life drawing this evening.

Just returned from a few days in Paris. Seen some wonderful paintings and realised that accuracy of drawing, or colour representation, isn't always a requirement to create a beautiful picture. Seen some stunning paintings, by noted artists such as Cezanne, Modigliani, Bonnard, where anatomical precision doesn't appear to have been pursued, but the result works. Am thinking about this whilst approaching my own work now, on my return, such as in this evening's life drawing session.

Looking at this portrait study, the eyes are perhaps not quite in proportion or in exact alignment, and the outline of the skull is maybe too large. However, the expression of the subject was gentle, with a hint of timidity and possibly a little sadness, and I think the image captures this emotional content well, despite, maybe even partially because of, the technical shortcomings.


See my work, and that of many other local artists, at the Folkestone Arts Society Autumn Exhibition, The Grand, The Leas, for one week, from 14th November.


Now taking commissions for portraits, watercolour. See the lovely Grace as an example, on the Portrait and Life Drawing page.


See my paintings and prints on display this Sunday, 30th August, at the Arts and Crafts Fair, Chichester Hall, Sandgate. Part of the Sandgate Sea Festival. 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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The Warren in July.

Produced this yesterday on a lovely July day in Folkestone.  A young girl came over to watch and we had a good conversation about art and painting. She seemed inspired and wants to develop her own art. It's a privilege to help inspire the next generation and gives one a warm feeling :-)

The Channel in July.

Have been making the most of the summer weather, painting local outdoor scenes. See some of these on the Scenic Views page. Have also been investigating Giclee printing as a means of reproduction. Have had two works printed with amazing results. They are printed on textured watercolour style paper and it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the print and the original. 'Folkestone Harbour with Railway Bridge' and 'A Walk through Bluebells', are now available to purchase as signed limited edition prints. Contact me (see contacts page) for further details. Please let me know if there are others you'd be interested in as a print. 'Overlooking Sandgate', is currently underway at the printers. Enjoy the summer! All the best, Maria.


For the outcome of the oil painting, see Reclining Woman, Pink and Violet, on the Life Drawing tab. It's third one down after the two large (A1 size) pastel drawings in raw umber. Yes, I know I said I was all into colour, but I'm an artist and allowed to be contrary, right?

Red Lady.

Tried to restrict myself to black & white, at last night's Life Drawing session. After one charcoal drawing, just couldn't resist getting out a little box of colour pastels. Got to have colour!!  Red Lady is the result. Next time, I'll be using oil on canvas. Come back and see the results :-).

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